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Treasurer's Page


As we embark on another year at Barnette we look forward to helping make the best possible choices with your generous donations. Together we can make the most positive impact possible for our Bears! We believe transparency and communication are key to this position, and will be posting relevant financial information here throughout the year. Please don’t ever hesitate to contact us regarding treasurer-related topics. We look forward to working with you!

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Barnette has many activities throughout the year, but only ONE is a school-wide fundraiser!

See below for a list of yearly events fiscally related to Barnette:

SCHOOL FUNDRAISERS – Funds support Barnette as a whole:

-       Buster Move: This is our ONLY school-wide fundraiser of the year. Donations are accepted at the school and online. The funds

collected here are directly invested at Barnette to support classroom & school needs, improvements, supplies, technology and teacher grants.

-       Restaurant Spirit Nights: These are fun evenings where we partner with local restaurants to promote family time while earning    

money for our school. A share of the night's profits come back to Barnette. 


5TH GRADE FUNDRAISERS – Funds support the 5th grade field trip to Washington, DC, as well as graduation festivities.

          -       Cookie Dough: 5th graders sell cookie dough in the late fall to raise money that is put towards their individual trip to Washington,


EVENTS – We have several events throughout the school year, none of which are fundraisers. Our events are funded at a bare-minimum expense. Tickets for some events (ie Daughter Dance, Son Night, School / Family Spirit Nights) are priced to cover our expenses and allow for the PTO to break even on their expenses, recapping our costs. If proceeds are made, above the break even amount, those funds are put back into the school and used for additional classroom needs.


-       Daughter Dance/Son Night: Tickets are sold for these events to help replenish funds spent and to help track attendees.

-       School / Family Night Dinners: Meal tickets are estimated to cover the costs of food and supplies without expectation of a profit.

These include events such as Curriculum Night, Thanksgiving Feast of Friends, and Book Fair dinners. 


Need to be reimbursed?

Thank you for helping making Barnette events go! Follow these easy steps to get your reimbursement processing:

  1. Print and complete the reimbursement form.

  2. Number your receipts to match the form and put them WITH the completed reimbursement form in an envelope addressed to PTO Treasurers.

  3. Place the labeled envelope in the PTO dropbox located in the front office OR in the PTO room. There is a blue treasurer's folder located in the bottom drawer of the left filing cabinet by the desk.

  4. Rest assured your reimbursement will be ready for you soon!

We will do our best to process reimbursements within 7 business days. Reimbursement checks will be filed alphabetically by last name in the blue file folder, located in the bottom drawer of the left filing cabinet in the PTO room.

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